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We believe that spiritual maturity and character development should take place alongside academic learning.  Each morning begins with a group devotional time.  After our devotional, each student has an office pace where they work individually on a course of study that has been tailored to that child.  We utilize the Accelerated Christian Educational curriculum to achieve this.

Every new student is given a diagnostic testing when they first enter our school in order to determine their level in the curriculum.  This plan allows them to receive extra support in those areas that they are behind.

Most of the children who come to Sunbelt have struggled in school, and are behind in their academic achievements, not from lack of intelligence, but because of lifestyle and behavioral issues.  Sunbelt Christian School offers them the structure, guidance, and support they need to achieve their academic potential.



The focus is on learning, although we don't restrict the environment to the inside classroom at Sunbelt.  With good weather, Wednesday and Thursday mornings are spent outdoors in what we call the "Outdoor Classroom".

The outdoor classroom is strictly our ropes course and group activities.

The activity pictured in the photo here is called our GROUP LOOP.  Everyone partners up, ties their two ropes together and stands in the loop.  They you change to a different loop with your partner. 

However, the facilitator begins taking away loops so people are hanging onto one another and helping each other out by the end of the activity. 

As you can see from the expressions, this activity requires concentration and problem solving skills.


Our school is registered with the State of Mississippi as a private church school.  Officially, we are a non-accredited school because we decided to not accept state funding, nor "jump through all the hoops" that state accreditation requires.  With an emphasis on Christian Academics we believe that our children are afforded a better alternative at Sunbelt Christian School.

When a child returns to their families, they are actually better prepared academically than they would have been otherwise, given the one on one attention that our program offers.  Their school district will test them to verify their academic level and establish placement in public school at that time.


Sunbelt has a Ropes course, consisting of nine low elements which can be used for numerous challenges.  These activities build problem solving skills, teamwork, conflict resolution and other life skills into the lives of our children.     >>--READ MORE >>>






Sunbelt has signed up to participate in the Labels for Education program sponsored by Campbell's Brand Soups.  You can help us by collecting the UPC Labels on participating products and mailing them to our Ranch. 

Campbell's Labels for Education– Nourish Their Potential


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