How does a Youth become a part of Sunbelt?
First, we have to acknowledge that change needs to happen!



Sunbelt accepts children considered to be "at-risk", regardless of social, religious or
ethnic background. Typically our youth are referred to Sunbelt by churches or
someone close to the family that is concerned and looking to get help for the child.
 Ultimately, in the majority of the cases, the natural parents make a direct placement
of their child.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept everyone that applies. The reasons being that
we have placed internal restrictions on our program to assure quality, funding and
space limitations, and our ability to meet the child's need.

Children placed with Sunbelt are done so under a provisional custody agreement,
where natural parents extend guardianship to Sunbelt without relinquishing any of
their parental rights. If a parent decides that they wish to withdraw their child, they
are free to do so. Typically, we are providing long term care at Sunbelt, although the goal
is always to reunite the child with their parents when the issues that prompted them
to become a resident at Sunbelt are no longer a factor.

Upon receiving a telephone call from a parent, we ask them about their child and
their situation and based upon their circumstances, space, and our ability to handle
the child at the time, we may accept the child. Because it is impossible to predict when
we will have an opening, we do not normally maintain a waiting list, however we do
invite you to inquire regardless and we may be able to refer you elsewhere.

Families are not charged a fee for those students that we accept, however we do ask
that they make some kind of regular contribution if they are able. Failure to do so does
not result in your child being removed from the program as this is a ministry; however
any participation toward the care of your child is especially appreciated.

We accept boys and girls!

We work with ages infant through 18; however we do not accept any new resident that
is over the age of 16. Children typically age out as they turn 18; however we have
allowed students to remain at Sunbelt after they turn 18 in cases when they are
attempting to finish school. The goal is to develop life skills and work ethic in the
youth prior to that time to give them the tools they need to be successful adults after
they leave our program.

We do not accept children who have mental or physical handicaps which in the opinion
of Sunbelt would impede our normal ranch activities. We also do not accept youths that
are seriously violent (armed assaults, rapists, murders). We do not accept sexual
predators (abuse toward younger children) or those that are heavily addicted to drugs
 presently. Children placed at the ranch are placed in group homes with other children,
two to a room and the issue of maintaining a safe and secure home is paramount to the
success of our program. All children must be able to learn to interact as part of a
family, participating in family activities.

We will consider taking a child that has completed a drug rehab, where they have become
dry from their drug addiction upon completion of that program and a review.



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