History of Sunbelt Christian Youth Ranch

Cookson Hills Youth Ranch established a children's home  near Lake, Mississippi in 1972 on property that would eventually become Sunbelt Christian Youth Ranch. The Regis Family, who lived nearby were instrumental in helping Cookson establish the ranch.

Theron and Linda Harris became house parents under the direction of Cookson Hills and continued in that role until 1989 when Cookson decided to close the facility.  With support from several congregations, Theron and Linda Harris founded Sunbelt Christian Youth Ranch at that time as a non-profit organization and acquired the property, continuing the service that had been established. 

George and Grace Decker, known as Grandpa and Grandma during their time on the ranch, came to Sunbelt in 1993 as a retired couple who wanted to continue in their service.  They served until August 2008.  One of the Ranch Houses is named the "Double D" in honor of George and Grace.

In February 2008, John and Ginnie Lee Monferdini came to Sunbelt with a goal of establishing the Sunbelt School on the Ranch.  Work was begun to transform an existing area of the campus into a learning center and in September 2008, Sunbelt Christian School opened its doors.

In May 2009, Theron will retire as director of Sunbelt Christian Youth Ranch and pursue another door that God has provided for him.  Cade Price has assumed the position of interim director until the Board can make a decision as to who will lead Sunbelt long term.

Sunbelt Christian Youth Ranch
8782 Old Highway 80
| Lake, Mississippi | 39092

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