Sunbelt Christian Youth Ranch Changes Lives
It starts with our Mission Statement!


"Sunbelt Christian Youth Ranch is a non-profit ministry committed to the premise that all children have a right to a Christian home and family. Our purpose is to provide to "at-risk" children, regardless of social, religious or ethnic background, that opportunity. Our goal is to nurture them in becoming stable, productive Christian citizens."

We are a ministry to at risk youth. Founded in 1989 for the purpose of establishing and maintaining a consistent, stable, God honoring environment to help children overcome the problems in their lives. The most important means to this end is to share the good news of Jesus Christ with each child, that they might have the opportunity to enter into a relationship with Him. We are here to mend their past by helping them see God's love and presence even through their difficult circumstances. We mind their presence through the structure, discipline, and routine of daily life. We mold their future by instilling hope in the great plans God has for each one of them.

We believe that God's plan for children is that they be a member of a family with loving parents to guide and direct them. We read in Genesis that when God designed the family, he put a man and a woman in a beautiful garden setting to raise their children. Every child at Sunbelt becomes part of a ranch family consisting of house parents who serve as role models and 10 children who interact as brothers and sisters.

Sunbelt is a working ranch with beef and dairy cattle, horses, pigs, chickens, and rabbits. Each house raises and cares for its own livestock and grows their own produce. We enjoy a climate that is favorable to almost year round gardening. Planting a seed, tending the plant and watching it grow, and finally harvesting the fruit is a powerful lesson in patience and delayed gratification. These are lessons that are used throughout scripture to illustrate what God is trying to do in each of our lives. The children learn about responsibility and a strong work ethic through these activities.

Sunbelt currently has two houses that are set up for children and we have another one under construction now as we plan for future needs. The homes are approximately 3400 square feet, six bedrooms and three bathrooms designed for 10 children. Each child shares a room and as a result learns about sharing and getting along in a family setting. Housework is equally shared. Each home has its own barn and is named to give it an identity. The "Diamond H" is the Harris house, named after the founders, Theron and Linda Harris. The "Double D" is named after George and Grace Decker. The "Rocking R" is named for the Regis family who were instrumental in helping establish Sunbelt. The Diamond H is currently not used as a full time Children's house due to age.

Each home has a committed, married, Christian couple that serves as Mom and Dad to the children in that home. In everything we do, the inclusion of family is stressed. Our Greatest need is that of HOUSE PARENTS, who are willing to commit to our ministry and be a part of what we are able to accomplish at Sunbelt.

Children and adults on the Sunbelt Ranch attend Newton Christian Church in Newton, Mississippi where we participate in Sunday School and other youth activities there.

Sunbelt does not receive any governmental support. Our funding is derived from the contributions of various congregations and individuals who, in their vision realize that we must address the problems that plague children today or we will have to address them as adults later. Sunbelt grows as much of its own food as possible, and operates as economically as possible, but we depend upon our supporters and volunteers.


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