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 Like the threads of this fabric, lives can also be ripped apart!
We believe that God can change lives!.


 It's been said that the single, most important element that a human being needs emotionally, is to know that someone understands and accepts them for who they are.  Unconditional love!  Just knowing that someone cares is so important, even to adults.  Every year, thousands of AT-RISK boys and girls are placed in the care of someone other than their own biological families.  Sunbelt Christian Youth Ranch was conceived in Christian love and dedicated to the proposition that every child has a right to be raised in a Christian home with Christian parents. At Sunbelt, they are loved, protected and guided in paths that will allow them to become well adjusted and productive adults.

The stories as to how and why our children came to live at Sunbelt are different, but the goal is the same for we believe that only time and God's love can heal the emotional trauma of yesterday.  Sometimes, there comes a time in life that we must face facts.  What we have been doing up until this point, simply is not working.  As Parent's we need help.  Sunbelt Christian Youth Ranch is founded on that concept.

Located on 191 acres of timber and grazing land, we are a rescue ranch for at-risk children and youth, providing residential care in a Christian environment.  Our goal is to give our children purpose and meaning in their lives and in doing so, to make a difference in the world.  Our ranch is a working ranch.  With chickens, ducks, sheep, goats, cows, horses and gardens, we work to heal the hurt and satisfy the hunger for love that all children have.  Life at the ranch makes a difference that lasts a lifetime.





                                ARE YOU IN NEED OF HELP?

With our nation's divorce rate, soaring single parent families, child runaways,
 and youth suicides, there is stark evidence that as a nation, our children are
 desperately in need of moral and spiritual values which a Christian home
can provide.  Sunbelt Christian Youth Ranch is an arm of the church,
 reaching into the homes and lives of children at-risk from fractured families. 

            Our goal is to MEND THEIR PAST, MIND THEIR PRESENT
                                    and MOLD THEIR FUTURE! 






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Sunbelt Christian Youth Ranch
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